A profile of young Albertans

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PolicyWise for Children & Families
Understanding the sociodemographic characteristics and service use patterns of young Albertans is essential to support them. This report profiled Albertan youth (0 to 25 years old) who used government services in Alberta or were registered in the health care system between 2005/06 and 2010/11. Analyses crossed gender and age groups with sociodemographic and public service use administrative data. This report found that (1) neighbourhood income status increased slightly over the report period, (2) females moved slightly more often than males, (3) a higher percentage of females than males performed at or above educational expectations, (4) school-aged youth moved less often than younger children or older youth, and (5) a higher percentage of older students were below educational expectations than younger students. These findings provide policy-relevant evidence that public authorities may consider as they seek to improve outcomes for young Albertans. 
This report profiled young Albertans (0 to 25 years old) using administrative data from 2005/06 to 2010/11.
well-being, health, children, youth, young adults, big data, longitudinal, social services, health services, administrative data, data linkage
Child and Youth Data Laboratory. (2017). A profile of young Albertans. Edmonton, AB: PolicyWise for Children & Families.