Reclaiming the Person in Counselling Psychology Research and Practice: An Existential- Analytical Approach

The specialization of counselling psychology offers a strength-oriented and holistic view of the person. While the person is of central concern for counselling psychology as a discipline, research and counselling practice can easily become problem-oriented rather than person- oriented. Consequently, the authors of this paper contend that maintaining a central focus on the person in counselling psychology practice needs to be specifically emphasized and cultivated. Toward this aim, the concept of personhood is elucidated from an existential- analytic theoretical perspective in order to provide a tangible framework for upholding a person- centered focus in counselling psychology practice. Drawing on this framework, the authors offer personal reflections on re-centering personhood in both research and clinical practice in counselling psychology.
personhood, existential analysis, phenomenology, counselling psychology
Launeanu, M., Klaassen, D.W., Kwee, J.L., & Konieczny, K. (2019). Reclaiming the person in counselling psychology research and practice: An existential-analytical approach. Proceedings from the 2018 Canadian Counselling Psychology Conference, 68-80.