The Alberta Wetland Project: A Toolbox with only One Tool

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Wetlands are a crucial component of a watershed system: their ability to act as a buffer against flood and drought are economically and socially important for communities. Alberta historically included approximately 20% of its total area as wetlands, but over time a substantial fraction have been lost to urban, industrial, and agricultural development. Plans, strategies, policies, and legislation (acts) have all been developed to protect this natural resource but they are not always effective. The Alberta Wetland Policy was developed to mitigate wetland destruction in the province, however, there still remain a number of concerns about how the policy will ensure environmental protection to sustain them. The documents and concepts used in the current decision-making process do not always offer a successful prescriptive system for achieving long-term wetland conservation.
Lorimer, Rachel. (2016). The Alberta Wetland Project: A Toolbox with only One Tool ( Master's thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from