Designing for the Processes of Ideological Expansion and Convergence: A Multiple Case Study of Pre-Service Teachers Engaged in Intertextual Integrations Around Bullying

dc.contributor.advisorClark, Douglas
dc.contributor.authorDiPasquale, Joshua
dc.contributor.committeememberSimmons, Marlon
dc.contributor.committeememberScott, David
dc.description.abstractIdeology plays a ubiquitous role in all educational settings, but it is often not conceptualized through lenses that are productive for learning. Typically, ideology is viewed as sets of conscious beliefs that can impede learning and must be overcome in educational settings. Novel research, however, has reinvigorated the concept of ideology, reconceptualizing its relationship to learning by illuminating the cognitive and social processes through which ideologies are learned and unlearned (Philip, 2011; Philip et al., 2018). In this research, I seek to advance recent theorizations about ideology and learning by viewing ideology through a lens of mediated action. I explore this conceptualization through the use of intertextual integration activities (e.g., Barzilai et al., 2018) designed to promote pre-service teachers' engagement in the processes of ideological expansion and convergence around bullying in school, which is a complex and persistent educational issue across Canada (Wilkinson, 2017). Using a qualitative multiple case study methodology (viz., Yin, 2018; Merriam, 1990) and a critical constructivist paradigmatic framing (Kincheloe, 2005), I observed three small groups of pre-service teachers participating in intertextual integration activities designed to disrupt the reproduction of dominant discourses on bullying. The results suggest that viewing ideology through a lens of mediated action enhances the mapping of ideological fields and elucidates the nuances of ideological expansion and convergence by revealing a number of additional processes that might occur in parallel to, within, or in opposition to them, namely assimilation and enhancement, attenuation, obfuscation, and regression. Accounting for these nuances can facilitate our ability to design learning environments that scaffold productive ideological expansion and convergence. Overall, this research (a) contributes theoretical and practical insights to our understanding of the relationship between ideology and learning, (b) demonstrates the affordances of intertextual integration activities as mediums for promoting engagement in ideological expansion and convergence, and (c) refines our understanding of how pre-service teachers may be supported in transforming how they are positioned as social actors in relation to bullying in schools.en_US
dc.identifier.citationDiPasquale, J. (2022). Designing for the processes of ideological expansion and convergence: a multiple case study of pre-service teachers engaged in intertextual integrations around bullying (Doctoral thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from
dc.publisher.facultyWerklund School of Educationen_US
dc.publisher.institutionUniversity of Calgaryen
dc.rightsUniversity of Calgary graduate students retain copyright ownership and moral rights for their thesis. You may use this material in any way that is permitted by the Copyright Act or through licensing that has been assigned to the document. For uses that are not allowable under copyright legislation or licensing, you are required to seek permission.en_US
dc.subjectmediated actionen_US
dc.subjectpre-service teachersen_US
dc.subjecteducational designen_US
dc.subjectmultiple case studyen_US
dc.subjectintertextual integrationen_US
dc.subject.classificationEducation--Teacher Trainingen_US
dc.titleDesigning for the Processes of Ideological Expansion and Convergence: A Multiple Case Study of Pre-Service Teachers Engaged in Intertextual Integrations Around Bullyingen_US
dc.typedoctoral thesisen_US Graduate Program – Educational Researchen_US of Calgaryen_US of Education (EdD)en_US
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