User Management Issues In PDMS

This document discusses issues related to managing user accounts for use with the Proactive Data Management System (PDMS). PDMS has a number of components, all of which need to support some type of authentication and authorization mechanism. The authorization could take place at the user level, where an individual user has to authenticate with a service or resource they are allowed to use, or at the system level, when services communicate communicate directly with each other. In each case the type of authorization used will be indicated and its implementation described. The rest of this document is organized as follows. Section 2 provides a primer on au- thentication and authorization mechanisms in Grid environments. Section 3 provides a brief overview of the components of the PDMS system and their authentication and authorization mechanisms. Sections 4 and 5 describe the authorization and authentication mechanisms used to restrict the changes to file meta-data and files respectively. User Account require- ments are described in Section 6. Section 7 provides a summary of the document.
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