Sound Ecology and Acoustic Health, Part 2: An Android Application for Recording Noise Nuisances

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Circuit Cellar, Kick Media Corporation, U. S. A.
Introduction to periodical: In our last month’s article, CC Issue 300, we light-heartily discussed a supposed back yard BBQ discussion between neighbours about urban noise nuisances. Unfortunately noise nuisances are real in some of our local Calgary Communities, and we are looking for some simple, inexpensive approaches to help people investigate and reduce the problem. We demonstrated the first steps of our solution - the development of an Android project with basic code to generate a main screen with a button that generated a welcome screen when pressed. We called this a WAT_AN_APP, meaning we were able to develop it Without Any Teenager Assistance being Necessary. In this article we want to extend our basic WAT_AN_APP project to recording and playing-back audio .3GPP files as shown in Fig. 1A. This will allow us to record any physical noises present that are less easily heard by others in your house or need more study as they are less noticeable during the day as they are hidden under traffic noise. In this article, we want to take a more adult approach – use a JEAC process that uses Just Enough Additional Code to make the new recording activity work.
Sound Ecology, Acoustic Health, Android Application, Signal processing
Adrien Gaspard and Mike Smith, "Sound Ecology and Acoustic Health, Part 2: An Android Application for Recording Noise Nuisances",. Circuit Cellar, #301, 16 - 33, 2015