Our Best Practice Models for Telemedicine and eHealth

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Presented at Med-e-tel 2005 Conference in Luxembourg.
National Experiences in Telemedicine and eHealth: Today's digital communication technologies allow organising unlimited exchange of any kind of information. So, it's possible to create so-called 'Best Practice Models' (BPM) for telemedicine and eHealth. Powerful information providers can organise BPMs' databases from different parts of the world, different decisions, solutions, advises etc. The importance of creation of such BPMs' databases was marked on General Assembly of International Society for Telemedicine (ISfT) in 2004. Nowadays Department of Informatics and Telemedicine (Donetsk R&D Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics, Donetsk, Ukraine) has own unique experience and decisions for telemedicine. It's provided scientific, practical, organizational, technical, medical, economic, methodical decisions and information for another telemedicine and e-health organisation. We have developed four BPM and created special part on Internet site 'Telemedicine in Ukraine'. Special part 'Good Practice Models' was created on IsfTeH official web-site.
This presentation was given by Dr. Anton Vladzymyrskyy at the Med-e-tel 2005 Conference in Luxembourg on April 7th, 2005.
Telehealth, Ukraine, Best Practice, Technology, Knowledge Management