Corruption in Sports in India

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ARC Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security
This Briefing Paper addresses corruption in India from the unique perspective of sport. Corruption in sport is not new, but as this paper demonstrates, for India, the exposure of illicit practices in cricket and other sports is illustrative of the challenges and shame that corruption can bring for a country which takes pride in its sporting prowess. The examples outlined in this paper indicate that a strong nexus exists between corrupt practices in government and sport. Pervasive corruption has led to negative international and domestic perceptions on the integrity of India’s sporting bodies, teams and representatives. As this Briefing Paper notes, however, Indian activists are gaining increased community support for greater transparency, accountability and integrity in government and sport, albeit in small, but significant, steps.
Permission to include in Alberta Gambling Research Institute research repository granted by Dr. Ashutosh Misra on July 28, 2013.
Sports -- Corrupt practices