Detecting Vortex-Induced-Vibrations of Flexible Pipes using Internal Pressure Sensors

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The internal flow pressure response of a fluid-conveying-pipe undergoing lateral oscillations is investigated experimentally using a new pipe flow loop facility. The facility is capable of actuating 1/2" PVC pipe up to 1 Diameter, 4 Hz. and directly measuring the corresponding internal fluid pressure. The dependence of the internal pressure response on mean internal flow velocity, oscillation frequency and amplitude, oscillating span length, and downstream outlet length is investigated for a limited range of those parameters. Simplified models are developed based on control volume stretching and viscous oscillatory pipe flows and are compared to the experimental data. Both models and experimental data suggest a sinusoidal response pressure gradient ∂P/∂x (t) with frequency 2f_in and amplitude proportional to f^2_inA^2_in/L, with f_in, A_in, and L representing the span oscillation frequency, oscillation amplitude and length, respectively. Further experimentation is required to adjust the models empirically to the data. The generated internal pressure is used as a target signal amidst background pressure noise to investigate the behaviour of a power spectrum sensor used to detect pipe oscillations via internal pressure measurements.
Internal Flow Pressure Sensing, Vortex-Induced-Vibration, Pipelines
Webber, S. (2024). Detecting vortex-induced-vibrations of flexible pipes using internal pressure sensors (Master's thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from