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Canadian Institute of Resources Law
ABlawg is the University of Calgary Faculty of Law’s Blog on Developments in Alberta Law. It includes commentary by faculty members, sessional instructors, research associates at the Faculty’s affiliated institutes, and students on court and tribunal decisions and legislative and policy developments in Alberta. ABlawg includes commentary in several areas of interest to readers of Resources: Aboriginal Law, Carbon Capture and Storage, Climate Change, Energy Law, Environmental Law, Natural Resources Law, Oil and Gas Law, and Water Law. Resources articles have sometimes been reprinted on ABlawg (see e.g. Nickie Vlavianos, The Issues and Challenges with Public Participation in Energy and Natural Resources Development in Alberta and David Laidlaw and Monique Passelac Ross, Water Rights and Water Stewardship: What About Aboriginal Peoples?); in this issue of Resources we feature three ABlawg posts concerning (1) judicial interpretation of the Alberta Land Stewardship Act, (2) regulatory approaches to CCS, and (3) standing at the Energy Resources Conservation Board. The posts included here have been edited for length. For full versions of the posts and to become a subscriber to ABlawg, go to http://ablawg.ca/.
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