Creating Space for Indigenous Research in Canadian Counselling Psychology Graduate Programs

This article builds off the symposium presentation entitled “Decolonizing Canadian Counselling Psychology: Creating Space for Indigenous Scholarship” which was delivered by the authors at the 2018 Canadian Counselling Psychology Conference. The symposium presented Ms. Inkster and Ms. Smeja’s respective Master’s research projects, while Dr. Jordan and Dr. Goodwill shared their supervisory experiences overseeing research aimed at advocating for Indigenous communities. This paper expands on the individual presentation topics by discussing broader systemic issues and considerations relevant to making space for Indigenous scholarship within Canadian CP programs. Personal narratives are weaved throughout the paper, emphasizing challenges in academic environments, resilience and resistance strategies, as well as the important role of mentors in graduate students’ decision to pursue Indigenous Research Methods. Specific recommendations addressed to our field are also discussed.
Indigenous, epistemology, research, supervision, decolonization
Smeja, K., Inkster, C., Goodwill, A., & Jordan, S.R. (2019). Creating space for indigenous research in Canadian counselling psychology graduate programs. Proceedings from the 2018 Canadian Counselling Psychology Conference, 148-161.