Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, Volume 30, Fall 2018

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Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics
The editors of this issue, Elias Abdollahnejad, Dua'a Abu Amsha, Kelly Burkinshaw, Adam D. Daniel, and Brett C. Nelson, are pleased to present the thirtieth issue of the Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics published by the Department of Linguistics in the School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures, and Cultures at the University of Calgary. The papers published here represent works in progress and as such should not be considered in any way final or definitive.
Linguistics, view "from below", morphological change, historical sociolinguistics, Early Modern Dutch, Uniformitarian Principle, voicing, English, laryngeal contrasts, second language acquisition, participant and discourse-related switching, learning strategy, foreign language learning, Process-and-Paradigm Morphology, word-formation processes, phonology, semantics, multiple grammars, resumption, Variational Learning Model, relative clause, language contact, French, code-switching, historical linguistics, Dutch, extragrammatical morphology, clipping, truncation, abbreviation, language acquisition, Persian, Farsi, Japanese, syntax, morphology, linguistics
Abdollahnejad, E., Abu Amsha, D., Burkinshaw, K., Daniel, A.D., & Nelson, B.C. (eds.) (2018). Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, 30(Fall).