OER Workshop Series: Getting Started on Creating Open Educational Resources

Creating a new OER, either by starting from scratch or by adapting an existing resource, can be a labour intensive process. This session will break down the steps associated with OER creation to give instructors some step-by-step guidance. We will also discuss tools and platforms that are available to instructors for hosting OER materials, and discuss key accessibility and universal design principles. By the end of this workshop, learners will be able to: Identify the five main steps of the OER creation process; Provide examples of tools for creating OER; Describe which OER tools/platforms are supported by UCalgary, and which are “DIY”; Explain the importance of assessing OERs for accessibility. OER Workshop Series developed by Christie Hurrell, Sarah Adams, Alexandra Alisauskas, Rowena Johnson, and Kate Cawthorn.
learning object, open educational resources, OER, copyright, Creative Commons Licence, open licensing, open content
Hurrell, C. & Adams, S.. (2022, March). Getting started on creating open educational resources: OER workshop series [PowerPoint slides]. Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary. CC BY-SA 4.0.