Taking it to the Streets: Community-based pedagogy for all disciplines

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Street Challenge is a platform for experiential learning to engage students in researching (inter-)disciplinary concepts in a specific neighbourhood context. Instructors can apply Street Challenge resources to one class or a whole course; this workshop introduces the platform and engages participants’ creativity to apply Street Challenge to diverse disciplines. The workshop will take 15-20 minutes to explain Street Challenge by describing the application in one course, and listing the range of resources available in the platform. Next participants will work in groups to apply Street Challenge in the context of a specific course in diverse disciplines, followed by an opportunity to share and discuss the ideas. The session will close by inviting participants to join a community of practice to pilot Street Challenge.
de Koning, A., & McArdle, J. (2019). Taking it to the Streets: Community-based pedagogy for all disciplines. Presented at the Conference on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching: Exploring Experiential Learning, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.