Two Disciplines, One Common Goal: Librarians and Educational Developers Collaborating to Enhance and Advance the Practice and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Innovate, collaborate, connect, explore, build, change, partner, lead, network - these action words are consistently being used in the literature on librarianship and educational development, with the intent to advance and enhance the practice and scholarship of teaching and learning (Mitchell & Mitchell, 2015; Sutherland, 2014; Williams, et al., 2013). This interactive workshop, developed by faculty from two different disciplines, library science and educational development, have joined together in one common goal: to build capacity in the search for teaching and learning literature and resources. Our approach is an open invitation extended across all disciplines, and applicable to all institutions (Chick & Poole, 2014). Our collaboration began with the recognition that anyone new to the teaching and learning literature search needs a starting point. Concurrently, the educational developers were building networks of teaching and learning partners. The opportunity to collaborate on professional and resource development was embraced, and as a result, workshops were implemented and co-hosted, and resource materials developed, including a teaching and learning research guide. These innovative approaches and creative resources are designed to enhance and advance the practice and scholarship of teaching and learning (Otto, 2014). Evidence from the workshop evaluations indicate the need to build capacity was being addressed. This interdisciplinary, engaging and hands-on workshop will be offered in the library computer lab. The learning outcome is: participants will explore and be able to identify, general and discipline specific, teaching and learning databases, journals, and resources.