Gambling and seniors : the final report on the survey of key informants

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The Foundation
A Senior Gambling Survey was developed by the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (AFM) as a means to better understand the nature of senior gambling, types of problems associated with gambling, and how to most effectively offer gambling services to the senior population. 25 key informants who were community professionals were asked to complete the Senior Gambling Survey. Findings indicate gambling affects seniors as it relates to themes of finances (excessive spending), family or relationship problems (disputes over amount of money and time spent on gambling), or health-related issues (depression, lack of self esteem, increase of smoking/drinking). Researchers suggest the AFM should begin providing seminars to both professionals and seniors in order to inform community member about AFM and reducing any stigma that is attached to that organization. Advertisement was suggested as a means of educating seniors. To reduce senior access barriers to AFM, providing outreach rehabilitative services were advocated.
Gambling -- Canada, Aged -- Gambling