Intuitions on fear classification: Introducing fearotypes & other musings

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In Search of Fearlessness Research Institute
The Fearology Institute
Despite the pervasive nature of fear in human life, there is a distinct lack of exploration or emphasis in scholarly or colloquial discourse on fear, that arguably inhibits the ability to overcome its holistic and often detrimental effects. Inspired by R. Michael Fisher (Fearology) and Desh Subba (Fearism), whom are attempting serious scholarly work on the subject of fear, this article represents a stream of consciousness from the very provisional musings of a layperson in an attempt to make sense of the world from a purely intuitive position, while working on the premise that fear should be the overriding issue of humanity to address and the focal point of any future revolution. The author explores some key ideas from in their earliest conception, most notably Fearotypes; a potential way to classify people's common responses to fear to help initiate the process of highlighting the ubiquity of fear in human life. With sincere care for others and the world expressed, the author communicates a longing for a revolution so that humans might, as a species, begin to realise their incredible potential. This paper represents the author's own beginning and small contribution to that revolution. The revolution speculated to be the most important throughout history, in any present or any future: that is, the revolution against fear based life.
intuition, fearotypes, fearology, fear, consciousness
Eales, M. (2019). Intuitions on fear classification: Introducing fearotypes & other musings. International Journal of Fear Studies, 1(1), 12-43.