Methodological Considerations when Conducting Research with Vulnerable Populations

Critical analysis of current research methods is aimed at shedding light on the concerns and challenges confronting vulnerable populations. The following conference proceeding will address how research methods embedded in Eurocentric epistemologies can inadvertently have a negative effect on the populations they are meant to understand and support. Theories of intersectionality and social justice are used throughout to inform how researchers may be attuned to the ways in which their studies may be beneficial or harmful to vulnerable populations. Firstly, the ways in which research can serve to further marginalize already vulnerable populations is addressed. Next, ramifications of recruitment and compensation with vulnerable populations are discussed. Finally, the role of technology in research and the ways in which employing technology can lead to either inclusion or exclusion in research practices is considered.
Research methodology, vulnerable populations, marginalization, recruitment, compensation, technology
Sinacore, A.L., Adekoya, I., Milani, A., Tomaro, J., Bu, S., Buchanan, J., Durrani, S., & Gescher, S. (2019). Methodological considerations when conducting research with vulnerable populations. Proceedings from the 2018 Canadian Counselling Psychology Conference, 133-147.