Best Teaching Practices for Block Week: Conversations that Help Implement Change

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My poster presents an early stage project, entitled Enhancing Educational Leadership, Student Engagement, and Community Ties: The Untapped Potential of Block Week Courses. It explores how various meaningful conversations—with colleagues, researchers, students, and teaching assistants—can help develop concrete guidelines and much-needed resources for instructors of five-day block week courses. My presentation highlights a particularly challenging aspect of the research: the process of engaging colleagues and students in meaningful conversations, and of developing resources for instructors teaching classes in this still unusual format. Drawing on Roxår’s & et al.’s network approach, the poster depicts the various ways in which workshops, conference presentations, interviews, community of practice meetings, and informal conversations can ignite change and contribute to improving teaching practices.
Last name, FN. (2017). Title of Paper, University of Calgary Conference on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching: Creating a Learning Culture: Conversations that Matter, Calgary, May 2-3. Calgary, AB: University of Calgary.