A closer look at coalescence: the Slave D-effect*

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University of Calgary
I will analyze the Slave D-effect in the framework of Optimality Theory (Prince & Smolensky 1993). My analysis will cover the full range of phenomena and will not refer to morphological information. This makes it superior to previous analyses of the D-effect, e.g., Lamontagne & Rice 1994, 1995, which have to refer to morphological information, and which do not account for all D-effect alternations. I will propose constraints guiding the inner workings of coalescence (which features of which input segment are maintained), thus shedding light on the nature of coalescence in general. Finally, I will show that my analysis is more valid universally, as it is compatible with accounts of coalescence in child language (Ganandesikan 1995).
Linguistics, Athabaskan language, Slavey language, Optimality theory (Linguistics), Phonology, Constraints (Linguistics)
Wilhelm, A. (2000). A closer look at coalescence: the Slave D-effect*. Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, 22(Winter), 59-92.