Perceptions of Gender Norms amongst Men and Boys

Research on gender norms has been at the forefront of efforts to achieve gender equity and equality. Increasing evidence suggests that inequitable gender norms negatively impact many men’s behaviours, their health and well-being which in turn have implications for their partners and communities. Consequently, in 2018 Status of Women Canada wanted to explore research regarding the perceptions of gender norms amongst sub-groups of men and boys in Canada and abroad. As a result, we conducted a scoping review with the focus on individual perceptions of gender norms amongst men and boys. Based on collected literature, we identified sub-groups of men and boys using a lifespan approach (boys, teens, young adults, adults, older adults) and intersectional approach. Our findings identify the state of current knowledge, gaps and opportunities and will inform the development of a federal strategy to engage men and boys in advancing gender equality.