2011-2012 University Of Calgary Scope 3 Ghg Inventory

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This research project conducts a Scope 3 GHG Inventory for the University of Calgary for the operating year 2011-12 using the World Resources Institute (WRI) Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Accounting and Reporting Standard in order to identify the Scope 3 GHG footprint from university operations. Emissions from Scope 3 sources are important because they can make up to 75 percent of the total GHG footprint for an organization. Scope 3 is a relatively emerging category of emissions, and currently there is only a small amount of literature and guidance available. The previous inventory conducted in 2008-09 relied heavily on the Clean-Air Cool-Planet carbon calculator and generic calculation tools; however, this year’s inventory attempted to use emissions factors and data that provided a more accurate representation of the operating environment for the University of Calgary. This inventory shows a 45 percent increase from the last inventory with the largest source of emissions coming from student and staff commuting. In addition to calculating Scope 3 emissions for the University of Calgary, the report identifies some of the challenges in applying this type of reporting standard to a higher educational institution and recommends improvements required to continue to advance the quality and accuracy of Scope 3 reporting for the university in the future. This report finds that improvements in data quality and collection, development of improved reporting standards as well as emission factors and methodology that represent the local operating environment of the university will improve reporting in the future.
Lee, D. (2013). 2011-2012 University Of Calgary Scope 3 Ghg Inventory (Unpublished report). University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.