Consulting the Community on Advancing an LGBTQ Alberta Framework on the Prevention of Domestic Violence

This report contains the findings from a series of six consultations that Shift conducted throughout Alberta to better understand risk factors related to domestic violence victimization and perpetration within lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) communities, as well as barriers to help-seeking. A total of 81 individuals from across Alberta were involved in the consultations, including representatives from the LGBTQ communities, the domestic violence sector, health services, school systems and law enforcement. Participants agreed that there is a need for improved capacity among government and community-based organizations to provide better services to LGBTQ victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. In particular, many participants noted that a lack of appropriate and informed services presents a significant barrier to LGBTQ individuals who are trying to exit unhealthy relationships and/or violent circumstances. Domestic violence service providers themselves acknowledged the limitations of their knowledge about the unique experiences of LGBTQ individuals; however, these providers also demonstrated a genuine desire to learn about, and improve, the provision of care to prevent domestic violence within the LGBTQ community. Specific recommendations directed at the Government of Alberta and community-based agencies are included.
Hansen, B. & Wells, L. (2015). Consulting the community on advancing an lgbtq framework on the prevention of domestic violence. Calgary, AB: The University of Calgary, Shift: The Project to End Domestic Violence.