Setting the Standard: Injury, Concussion, and Performance in Youth Volleyball

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This thesis contains three projects focused on Canadian youth community volleyball. The first project is a prospective cohort study evaluating injury epidemiology during the 2018 Canadian Youth National Volleyball Tournament. It was found that rates of injury in U14 were higher than U18, with high rates of injury in tournament play. The second project evaluated the test-retest reliability of a series of volleyball performance measures (i.e., modified agility t-test, modified pro agility, spike approach jump height, serve velocity, attack velocity and the Y-balance test). Most measures, excluding serve and attack velocity, were found to be reliable. The third project is a cross-sectional study describing performance scores on these measures. Males were faster on both agility tests, jumped higher, and achieved faster serve velocities than females. In the future, the addition of performance metrics may be beneficial to assess skill development and performance changes with injury prevention programs.
Volleyball, Performance, Injury Prevention, Concussion
Vaandering, M. (2022). Setting the standard: injury, concussion, and performance in youth volleyball (Master's thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from