Promoting Reflexivity and Reflectivity in Counselling, Education, and Research

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Though reflectivity and reflexivity are often perceived as similar concepts with overlaps they both have variations and need to be understood as unique constructs with different manifestations within the field of counselling psychology. Both terms are relevant to the counselling profession; they play a role in how we as counselling psychologists promote and maintain culturally- appropriate interactions with diverse clients. The aim of this paper is to recommend that it is incumbent for us as counselling professionals to engage in reflective and reflexive practices to ensure that we are working in the best interest of everyone we engage with. With the understanding that both concepts are critical components of being ethical, responsive, and active in our professional stance, we as counselling psychologists are encouraged to use reflection and reflexivity to develop a good understanding of themselves and our identities inside and outside of the counselling context. It is hoped that this paper will enable the audience to generate meaningful discussions about practical ways to promote consciousness-raising around reflective and reflexive practices; particularly, as we strive to facilitate change in a supportive and safe environment when working within and across various social-cultural and historical contexts.
reflectivity, reflexivity, counselling psychology, social justice, social construction
Dixon, S. & Chiang, C.M. (2019). Promoting reflexivity and reflectivity in counselling, education, and research. Proceedings from the 2018 Canadian Counselling Psychology Conference, 15-31.