A Homesick world: An Exploration of the Concept of Home and the Quest for Belonging in an Unfamiliar Land

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This research-creation is a photographic exploration of the concept of home and belonging for immigrants. Drawing on my personal experience as a photographer and an immigrant, I have shed light on my sense of homesickness and the loss of my sense of belonging in order to signify immigrants’ struggle in finding a place they can call home. This research paper is centered on the theories of “liminality,” the uncertain state of being in-between, of being neither here nor there, to discuss the transitional phase of separation from one’s homeland and integration into the new land. This liminality is a widespread experience in our modern era as mobility, immigration and separation from one’s home and the sense of being home is on the rise. I argue that photography is a therapeutic tool to overcome the lost sense of belonging as it helps me as an immigrant to contemplate on my transitional phase of life and gives me the opportunity to create bonds and connections with a lost home.
Immigration, Sense of belonging, Liminality, Photography, Homecoming, Memory, Home, Immigrant
Samavaki, S. M. (2023). A homesick world: an exploration of the concept of home and the quest for belonging in an unfamiliar land (Master's thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from https://prism.ucalgary.ca.