A Rejoinder to R. Michael Fisher's Critique: "The Love and Fear Problem: A Response to Michael Bassey Eneyo"

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In Search of Fearlessness Research Institute
The Fearology Institute
In recent times the concept ÒfearÓ has received much academic attention from a group of researchers known as Fearism (Subba) and Fearlessness Movement (Fisher). The main purpose of this new area of research is to know insightfully the role of fear and its relationship with all living beings. This article comes as a response to an invitation from R. Michael Fisher to me, to give clarifications to some of my claims in my two books; Philosophy of Fear and Philosophy of Unity, in which I advanced my theory on fear and love among others. In these books, I maintain the opinion that, though fear and love are primary motivational concepts, love is the grand motivational word and phenomenon. Clearly, the force of love is greater than the force of fear in any decision making venture. I stated in those books that Fisher and Subba hold a somewhat contrary opinion. They argue that fear is greater. Fisher had written an article (published in 2019 International Journal of Fear Studies, 1(2)) in reaction to my view and then asked for my response. The response herein is intended to give us all an opportunity to clear the misconceptions and lacuna characterizing our ways of presenting our views and the concepts we use. It will also help us to understand each otherÕs views on love and fear more clearly and to expand our studies of fear and the new constructs introduced by different fear scholars and how they are used in different contexts.
fear, love, R. Michael Fisher
Eneyo, M. B. (2020). A rejoinder to R. Michael Fisher's critique: "The Love and Fear Problem: A response to Michael Bassey Eneyo." International Journal of Fear Studies, 2(1), 49-59