The African diaspora in Canada: negotiating identity and belonging

What does it mean to be African-Canadian? The African Diaspora in Canada addresses the conceptual difficulties and political contestations surrounding the term “African-Canadian.” In the midst of this fraught terrain, it focuses on first-generation, black continental Africans who have immigrated in the past four decades. In highlighting their experiences, this book addresses the empirical, conceptual, and methodological gaps that homogenize all black people and their experiences. Rooted in the specific experiences of continental Africans in Canada, this book examines the social constructions of African-Canadians, their experiences within the political and education systems, and with the labour market. It explores the forms of cooperation and tension that characterize African-Canadian communities, and how multiple transnational spaces are negotiated and occupied. The book also explores the circumstances of children, as they try to define their identities vis-à-vis their parents and the larger Canadian society.
Series: Africa, missing voices series; 2
Black Canadians—Race identity, Black Canadians—Social conditions
The African diaspora in Canada: negotiating identity and belonging / edited by Wisdom J. Tettey & Korbla P. Puplampu. Series: Africa, missing voices series 2, University of Calgary Press, Calgary, Alberta, 2005.