A Tender Revolution: An Exploration of Multiple Marginalization and Identity

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Feminist standpoint theory (FST) centres the object of psychological research inquiry upon the systemic power relations that enact discrimination, violence, and inequality. By continuing to enrich Canadian counselling psychologists’ understandings of these relations of sociocultural power, researchers and clinicians alike can better appreciate and respond to the ways that they produce unique experiences of stress, especially for people who hold multiple marginalized identities. In this dissertation, multiple-marginalization (MM) refers to the interlocking nature of systemic power relations that lead to structural and person-to-person behavioral manifestations of bias against a particular group; for example, oppression. Since the 1950s, identity development has been a prominent area of research in psychology, leading to the development of numerous conceptual models in response to differing perspectives and advancements in civil rights movements. Although at times an uneasy partnership, this combination of on-the-ground and academic work has served to mutually influence wider thinking about the constructs of identity and wellness. In this dissertation, I critically explore how the field of counselling psychology approaches identity development. In relation, there is a lack of counselling psychology research that investigates the experiences of identity development under the influences of MM using an intersectional and social justice perspective. As a result, my aim was to create a body of work that might invigorate counselling psychology (and allied professions) in recognizing and working in solidarity with clients/patients, research participants, and community members against the insidious forces of MM.
social justice, intersectionality, multiple marginalization, intersectional marginalization, intersectional invisibility, feminist standpoint theory, interpretative phenomenological analysis, counselling psychology, Canada, reflexivity
Suehn, M. R. (2021). A Tender Revolution: An Exploration of Multiple Marginalization and Identity (Doctoral thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from https://prism.ucalgary.ca.