My Care Source-Empowering Patient Managed Care

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Presented at Med-e-tel 2005 Conference in Luxembourg
eHealth Home Care Applications: The demand for patient-centric services that delivers improved patient outcomes in health care is steadily increasing. The challenge of health care organizations is how to meet the growing demand for consumerism in a fiscally responsible manner. In January 2003, a team of individuals from Grand River Hospital was involved in the development of a prototype web based patient application that would leverage the use of HIS systems in our organization. Two surveys have been conducted to evaluate the functionality and content of the application. All participants stated they found the application easy to navigate and to read. The unique functionality of this portal has widespread application in healthcare. We look forward to expanding the scope of the project to include additional cancer diagnosis as well as other long term disease management entities.
This presentation was given at the Med-e-tel 2005 Conference in Luxembourg on April 6th, 2005.
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