Integrating Traditional Healing Methods into Counselling and Psychotherapy with Punjabi and Sikh Individuals

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Evidence-based practice goes well beyond merely matching client disorder to theoretical approach and instead entails the integration of research evidence with clinical expertise in the context of patient characteristics, culture, and preferences. For clients who are less acculturated to Canadian society or for those who still strongly identify with their cultural roots, incorporation of traditional healing methods into counselling and psychotherapy appears highly beneficial. Based on a review of the literature, this paper offers a discussion of frameworks which can guide the incorporation of traditional healing practices into counselling and psychotherapy and outlines model/theory-embedded strategies and interventions that have been reported to be effective with some Punjabi Sikh clients in peer-reviewed published outlets. This information will be useful for professionals who have limited experience with Punjabi Sikh individuals, clinical supervisors overseeing trainees providing mental health services to Punjabi Sikhs, instructors teaching cross/multicultural counselling or psychotherapy classes, and those wishing to further develop or refine existing competence. These proposed strategies and interventions should be subject to research investigations and clinically tested by practitioners to further increase confidence in their application.
traditional healing practices, Punjabi Sikhs, counselling Punjabi Sikhs, psychotherapy with Punjabi Sikhs
Currie, L.N., & Bedi, R.P. (2019) Integrating traditional healing methods into counselling and psychotherapy with Punjabi and Sikh individuals. Proceedings from the 2018 Canadian Counselling Psychology Conference, 1-14.