On Vegliote vowels

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University of Calgary
Vegliote is, perhaps, the least known of the Romance languages. This language maintains its anonymity through the simple means of being extinct. However, Roger L. Hadlich, in his doctoral dissertation, posited a Serbo-Croatian influence upon the development of Vegliote, based on studies of the work of Matteo Bartoli. Through his studies, Hadlich attempted to explain many of the unanswered questions concerning the vowel and consonant development of Vegliote. In his dissertation, The Phonological History of Vegliote, Hadlich makes no reference to the types of words the phonemes were used in, nor does her state whether they were used by bilingual or monolingual speakers. Using modern structural techniques to trace the development of the language, Hadlich posits this Serbo-Croatian influence which I will trace point by point.
Linguistics, Historical linguistics, Extinct languages, Dalmatian language (Romance), Vegliote dialect, Serbo-Croatian language, Proto-Serbo-Croatian language, Linguistic change
Latimer, R. (1976). On Vegliote vowels. Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, 2(Spring), 3-13.