Applying Quality Function Deployment in Food Safety Management

Structured Abstract: Purpose of this paper This paper reports on a case study conducted to help plan a rollout process for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) type food safety policies at a frozen pie facility in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Design/methodology/approach Existing company policies were prioritized using a Quality Function Deployment tool, which quantified the qualitative material in the original manual based on a number of developed criteria. Interrelations between the different required tasks were also quantified to facilitate effective implementation. Findings The use of Quality Function Deployment was shown to be useful in speeding up the implementation of food safety policies in the facility Practical implications (if applicable) Quality Function Deployment, originally from new product design, proved a useful one when applied to HACCP implementation. What is original/value of paper. This paper discusses the use of product development tools to facilitate the effective introduction of HACCP like procedures. Thus it will be of use to academics and practitioners interested in HACCP implementation.
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process improvement, food manufacturing and safety, case study
Sweet T.R.C., Balakrishnan J., Robertson B., MacFarlane J. and Karim S., “Applying Quality Function Deployment in Food Safety Management”, British Food Journal, 112, 6, 2010, pp 624-639.