Supporting Continuous Professional Development of Early Childhood Educators: Comparing and Contrasting Jamaican and Canadian Experiences

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Bow Valley College
Continued Professional Development (PD) for Early Childhood Educators (ECE) is of the utmost importance mainly because of its impact on education and the potential of the dynamic universal changes that is sometimes latent in its manifestation. This research project compares PD experiences and needs in Calgary (Canada) and Jamaica, assists in bridging the existing gap between theory and practice, and promotes partnerships. The project design includes two phases: During the first phase, surveys and interviews were conducted to identify the PD needs and experiences, and in the second phase we addressed the gaps and needs through workshop implementation in Jamaica. The research confirms and substantiates our beliefs that meaningful PD positively influences professional growth and best practices which occur when participants are given the opportunity to provide input in the decision making processes with ongoing support from owners, administrators and governments. Additionally, our project recommends that PD can be sustained through established learning communities and partnerships amongst colleagues in Calgary and Jamaica.
Acknowledgements: Our gratitude goes to the Applied Research and Innovation team, Dr. Augusto Legaspi, Rodney Steadman, and Vanessa Lodermeier for generously offering their time and expertise to us throughout the study. We also would like to offer thanks to Cheryl Kinzel, for her support and guidance given during her role as former ECED program chair
professional development, early childhood educators, early childhood education - study and teaching
Spence Clarke, V., & DeHaan, R. (2020). Supporting continuous professional development of early childhood educators: Comparing and contrasting Jamaican and Canadian experiences [Report]. Bow Valley College.