The Conference on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching offers an opportunity for academic staff, students, academic librarians and staff at the University of Calgary and the wider academic community to share, critically examine and build on our collective knowledge of teaching and learning.

Recent Submissions

  • Exploring Indigenous students' perception of informal learning spaces 

    Beatty, Susan; Jeffs, Cheryl; Hayden, K. Alix; Rutherford, Shauna (Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary, 2022-05-03)
    Castleden and Garvin (2016) suggest Photovoice is an effective method for working with Indigenous populations as it facilitates “sharing power, fostering trust, developing a sense of ownership, creating community change ...
  • Crossing the Divide: Reconciling International Student Migration and Indigenous Peoples 

    MacElheron, Sabreena (Lakehead University, 2022-05-02)
    Reconciliation rests at the nexus of relationships between immigrants and Indigenous peoples of Canada. Setting out this literature review was focused on providing an environmental landscape on what has been researched on ...
  • Integrating Mentorship in Workplace-Integrated-Learning Curriculum (Conference Presentation) 

    Johnston, Sonja L.; Glancey, Megan (Werklund School of Education, Other, University of Calgary, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, 2021-05-05)
    Connection to Mentorship through Workplace-Integrated-Learning In two unique and connected course designs, the presenters have explored the power of embedding mentorship into final workplace transition courses related to ...
  • Indigenous students’ Involvement in a photovoice study: Opportunities for mentorship 

    Jeffs, Cheryl; Beatty, Susan; Hayden, K. Alix (Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary, 2021-05-04)
    The University library’s commitment to providing informal learning spaces for all students lead the researchers to consider Indigenous students’ perspectives (Boys, 2014). Essential to the inquiry was our responsibility ...
  • Re-membering: restoring embodied arts to experiential learning 

    Copeman,Peter; Grace, Tim (Portfolio of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Teaching and Learning directorate, University of Canberra, 2019-05-01)
    Framed by John Dewey’s theories of education and art as embodied experience, this session invokes the authors’ backgrounds as arts practitioners and educators to stimulate exploration of the potential for embodied arts ...
  • 2019 University of Calgary Conference on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching: Exploring Experiential Learning, April 29 to May 1, 2019 

    Snow, Jessica; Jeffs, Cheryl; Kenny, Natasha (Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, University of Calgary, 2019-04)
    How do we transform education, spark curiosity, drive innovation and prepare students to thrive in their chosen careers? What does learning look like in a postsecondary institution that emphasizes entrepreneurial, creative ...
  • Getting Radical: Collaborative Design-based Thinking 

    Bene, Rose; McNeilly, Elizabeth (Werklund School of Education, Undergraduate Program, University of Calgary, 2019-05-01)
    What does it mean to engage in radical collaboration? In this session, instructors who participated in a weekly Design-based Thinking community of practice shared some perspectives on how radical collaboration and design ...
  • Providing Written Feedback: Developing Evidence Based Practices 

    Paris, Britney M. (Werklund School of Education, Educational Research, University of Calgary, 2019-05-01)
  • Adopting Digital Pedagogy in Management Courses 

    Stoletova, Maria (Haskayne School of Business, Operations and Supply Chain Management area, University of Calgary, 2019-04-30)
    The Supply Chain Management exercise called the “Beer Game” is based on experiential learning and a team game educational approach (Sterman, 1992). The Beer Game has been adapted in several of our university’s undergraduate ...
  • Methodological Meeting of the Minds (M3): A Teaching & Learning Series 

    Burns, Victoria; Exner-Cortens, Deinera; Walsh, Christine; Badry, Dorothy; Jenney, Angelique; King, Regine; Lorenzetti, Liza; Sitter, Kathleen (Social Work, Psychiatry, University of Calgary, 2019-04-30)

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