An artificial escherichia coli bacterium brought to life: a journey inside the cell

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An a1;emdahfo .lfram.<eworr:k forr: sm:mlating highly interactive and dyrumnic three-dimensional cellular simullations is nmpRemenrted as part of this thesis_ The lac opemn gene regulatory system in Esdiuerriichia ro1/i, bacterium is presented as a pmtotye_ Important structures, cellular elements ((:such as RNA polymerase, messenger RNA, permea.<ieS, ribosome) and processes of the fac operon are simulated within the cell Interactions of these agents occur as independent, observable and complex dynamics within the simulation_ Two modelling paradigms (agent-based and mathematical) are used to describe the lac operon system dynamics. Using a mathematical model of the lac operon, system behaviour of the genetic switch was analayz.ed. Agent-based models capture the collective behaviour from the interactions of simple agents which leads to the emergent phenomena. The advantages of the agent-based and mathematical paradigms are combined to yield a hyb1id agent-based model. The hybrid approach introduced is able to automatically switch between the models to better capture system dynamics. The simulation's visual effects, interactivity and biological relevance are the foun­dations of this thesis. The aim of this work is to construct a platform that enhances understanding of natural life by serving as a valuable educational and research tool.
Bibliography: p. 79-86
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The original thesis was replaced in October 2016 with a new version which incorporated changes required by the Faculty of Graduate Studies to comply with copyright legislation.
Esmaeili, A. (2012). An artificial escherichia coli bacterium brought to life: a journey inside the cell (Master's thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from doi:10.11575/PRISM/5017