Online learning and teaching from kindergarten to graduate school

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Canadian Association for Teacher Education (CATE)
Canadian Society for Studies in Education
This volume is the product of the collaboration of invited participants and editors at the Eleventh Working Conference of the Canadian Association for Teacher Education that was held online with the University of Calgary from October 14–16, 2021. The impetus for the conference theme, online learning and teaching from kindergarten to graduate school, emerged alongside the worldwide pivot to online education in response to the global pandemic. This volume examines a variety of ways in which Canadian researchers in teacher education are analyzing, designing, and evaluating diverse online learning pedagogies, learner experiences and outcomes in K-12 and post-secondary education contexts. Chapters are organized in four sections: 1) Online Learning & Teaching in K-12, 2) Relationships & Relationality in Online Learning & Teaching, 3) Online Learning & Teaching in Higher Education, and 4) Conceptualizing Learner Centered Models in Higher Education. Knowledge building and collaboration through the working conference and the chapters in this publication aim to enhance and extend understanding, communication, and critical analysis among Canadian and global teacher educators; this publication also seeks to contribute to research and practice in response to the imperative that “teacher education programs must prepare teachers for the schools of the future – teachers who are experts in disciplinary content, knowledgeable about the latest research on how people learn, and able to respond creatively to support each student’s optimal learning” (Sawyer, 2022, p. 671) in diverse modalities and contexts for learning including online, blended, hybrid, and in person engagements.