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Title: The Socioeconomic impact of telehealth: Results from systematic literature review.
Authors: Ohinmaa, Arto
Jennett, Penny
Hailey, David
Scott, Richard
Thomas, Roger
Keywords: Telehealth;Systematic Review;Socioeconomic;Indicators
Issue Date: Sep-2002
Citation: Ohinmaa A (presenter), Jennett P, Hailey D, Scott RE, Thomas R. 2002. “The Socioeconomic Impact of Telehealth: Results from Systematic Literature Review”. Presented at Nortelemed, 4th Nordic Congress on Telemedicine. September 30 - October 2, 2002, Tromso, Norway. (Peer Reviewed)
Abstract: Presentation content includes determinants of socioeconomic indicators; quality of economic analysis criteria and perspective of the economic analysis; research strategy; selection of sub-specialties for closer assessment; and initial results from pediatrics, mental health and radiology.
Description: Presented by Arto Ohinmaa at the Nortelemed: 4th Nordic Congress on Telemedicine held September 30 - October 2, 2002 in Tromso, Norway.
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