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Authors: Witten, Ian H.
Maulsby, David
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-Jun-1988
Abstract: "Metamouse" is a Flatland device that learns procedures in interactive graphics taught to it by untrained users. It lives in a simple graphics world and induces procedures in real time, taking full advantage of the interactive situation to suppress, or at least control, variability in the teaching sequence. The teacher must demonstrate what is to be done, employing constructive methods to make constraints readily apparent. Metamouse predicts actions, asks for constructions, solicits input parameters when required, and induces a program (including conditionals and loops). By eagerly carrying out predicted actions (which the teacher can undo if they are incorrect) it helps the teacher to satisfy appropriate felicity conditions. In this paper Metamouse explains its world, its body and mind, and what it can do.
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Witten, Ian

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