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Authors: Fedenczuk, Leon L.
Wyvill, Brian
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-Jul-1994
Abstract: An interesting problem in the oil and gas industry is the visualization of the movement of oil and gas in porous media. In our work we have simulated the porous media using a pointer-based octree, representing the distribution of pores and grains. This data structure allows us to model the connectivity of the pores and thus visualize fluid penetration within the media. Whereas earlier models represent a serious simplification or two dimensional homogeneous layers, our model provides us with a statistically accurate distribution in three dimensions and thus a more accurate representation of the connectivity. In this paper we present our data structure and the techniques which were used to create models of porous media and their porous networks. Next, we present algorithms for connectivity in octrees and we show how to apply them to modelling and visualization of fluid penetration in porous media.
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