Showing Real-time Recommendations to explore the stages of Reflection and action

The majority of Personal Informatics (PI) tools which use Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp) devices are focused on the collection stage of PI as described by Li et al. [4]. However, tools supporting the reflection and action stages with UbiComp are underexplored. To date, tools for reflection are mostly limited to visualisations of prior performance of an individual, and how to support action is still very much in debate. In this work, we explore how reflection and action might be supported through UbiComp and HCI techniques. We implemented Tip-Me-lens; a prototype designed for exploring and understanding recommendations based on PI data in context. It uses AR tags to differentiate between products; while a mobile device and its camera act as a magic lens which visually overlays digital and real-world browsing. It acts as a futuristic grocery shopping tool that displays recommendations on-the-go as they relate to one’s dietary goals.
Personal informatics, Mobile Devices, Human Computer Interaction