Is profession associated with fear of death?

Introduction: There are relatively few data on the relationship between professions and fear of death. Aim: The aim of the authors was to examine the association between profession and fear of death. Method: Physicians, medical students and other healthcare workers, priests, psychologists and non-healthcare workers (N = 1062) were asked about their attitude to death by means of the Multidimensional Fear of Death Scale. Results: Significant differences were found in the total and some factor scores among the study groups. Priests showed the lowest fear of death values. Scores on the Fear of the Dead Factor was the highest in psychologists and non-healthcare workers who had no contact with the dead and dying. Conclusions: Fear of death seems rather to be present in professions dealing less directly with the dead and dying. Orv. Hetil., 2014, 155(31), 1236–1240.
Publisher’s version of article deposited according to Akademiai Kiado Optional Open Access agreement July 8, 2015.
Fear of death, Profession, Healthcare workers, Priests, Psychologists
Zana, Á., Konkolÿ Thege, B., Limpár, I., Henczi, E., Golovics, P., Pilling, J., & Hegedűs, K. (2014). Is profession associated with fear of death?. Orvosi hetilap, 155(31), 1236-1240.