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    Foundational Literacies & Academic Integrity Skills: Ideas for Supporting Students in an Artificial Intelligence Era
    (2023-04-04) Morrow, Leeanne; Moya, Beatriz
    The emergence of algorithmic writing technologies capable of producing text from scratch or with little input has disrupted the post-secondary education context and become an invitation for educators to rethink their teaching, learning, and assessment practices. In this webinar, we will invite participants to discuss some limitations and capabilities of these new tools, their potential implications for academic integrity, and explore some recommendations to develop students’ foundational literacies and academic integrity skills in ways that could prevent potential threats to academic integrity. Participants will also have opportunities to share their questions, insights, and recommendations.
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    Sleep and mental health in pregnancy during COVID-19: A parallel process growth model
    (Elsevier, 2022-07-21) Tomfohr-Madsen, Lianne; Rioux, Charlie; MacKinnon, Anna; Silang, Katherine; Roos, Leslie; Lebel, Catherine
    Pregnancy is associated with elevated risk for poor sleep quality, which increases the risk for poor obstetrical outcomes and parent mental health problems. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen increased reports of disturbed sleep worldwide; however, the degree this extends to pregnancy or influences pregnancy mental health outcomes has not been examined. The goal of this study was to examine changes in pregnant individuals’ sleep, anxiety and depression during the pandemic, and to understand how sleep was associated with symptoms of anxiety and depression over time. The Pregnancy During the COVID-19 Pandemic (PdP) study is a prospective longitudinal cohort of pregnant individuals (at enrollment) with repeated follow ups during pregnancy and the postpartum period. 3747 pregnant individuals participated between April and July 2020. The present analysis was restricted to participants who completed at least two assessments, yielding a final sample of 1842 pregnant individuals. Depression symptoms were elevated at baseline, and declined gradually over time, but remained elevated relative to pre pandemic levels. Shorter sleep duration, higher sleep disturbance, and more sleep related impairments at baseline predicted a slower decline in depression symptoms over time. More sleep disturbances at baseline also predicted slower decline in anxiety symptoms over time. In contrast, rates of depression and anxiety symptoms at baseline were not predictive of changes in any of the three sleep variables over time. These findings highlight the importance of early intervention for sleep problems in pregnancy, in order to optimize mental health throughout pregnancy and mitigate long term negative outcomes.
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    Time/frame: Rewriting the Mirror Stage in Lacan's Anxiety Seminar
    (Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English, 2019-01) Sigler, David; Lypka, Celiese
    This essay assesses Jacques Lacan’s comments on the mirror stage in his Seminar X: Anxiety, given between 1962–63. These comments stress the importance of time, framing, and the uncanny as factors in the mirror stage, thus giving Lacan’s signature concept several unexpected points of emphasis. As we compare the frame around the edges of a mirror to other framed stages discussed in Lacan’s seminar, we consider the implications of this new way of conceptualizing the mirror stage for literary studies and Lacanian psychoanalysis.
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    The Rise (And Fall?) of Inflation in Canada: A Detailed Analysis of Its Post-Pandemic Experience
    (2022-09-10) Tombe, Trevor; Chen, Yu
    Canada's inflation rate rose from 3.1 percent in June 2021 to 8.1 percent one year later. What's behind this rapid surge? And will higher interest rates ease the pressure? We explore these questions with a detailed analysis of recently rising inflation. We find a few items dominate, especially energy and items sensitive to oil prices. To separate demand- from supply-driven inflation, we use detailed household expenditure data and find rising inflation is primarily the latter. We also find items with normally transitory price changes or those highly sensitive to interest rates also account for nearly all of inflation's rise. While much uncertainty remains, time and tighter monetary policy may likely help decrease inflation.
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    Systematic Construction of Natural Deduction Systems for Many-valued Logics: Extended Report
    (IEEE, 1993-05-01) Baaz, Matthias; Fermüller, Christian G.; Zach, Richard
    We exhibit a construction principle for natural deduction systems for arbitrary finitely-many-valued first order logics. These systems are systematically obtained from sequent calculi, which in turn can be extracted from the truth tables of the logics under consideration. Soundness and cut-free completeness of these sequent calculi translate into soundness, completeness and normal form theorems for the natural deduction systems.