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Title: Designing and Sharing Relational Space Through Decolonizing Media
Authors: Poitras Pratt, Yvonne
Lalonde, Solange
Keywords: Indigenous Education;Decolonizing Media
Issue Date: May-2016
Citation: Poitras Pratt, Y., & Lalonde, S. (2016, May). Designing and Sharing Relational Space Through Decolonizing Media. In M. Takeuchi, A.P. Preciado Babb, & J. Lock. IDEAS 2016: Designing for Innovation Selected Proceedings. Paper presented at IDEAS 2016: Designing for Innovation, Calgary, Canada (pg 111-122). Calgary, Canada: Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary.
Abstract: As Indigenous educators who share a passion for innovative approaches using instructional media, we are inspired to explore the ways in which technology can support teaching and learning from Indigenous perspectives. Several scholars advocate the use of technology in reclamation of First Peoples’ voices, stories and other ways of knowing (Ginsburg, 2000; Iseke-Barnes, 2002; Dyson, Hendriks & Grant, 2007). Reflecting social constructionism, we believe media can be designed to build educator capacity within these special interest areas. By highlighting work that is currently underway within Indigenous education, we invite readers to imagine their own possibilities for transformative and decolonizing pedagogy.
ISBN: 978-0-88953-390-5
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