Sacred Spaces and Sacred Places

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VDM Verlag
This book is based on my course notes for a class I taught for several years at St. Stephen's College in Edmonton, Alberta, on the subject of Sacred Spaces and Sacred Places. I added to that chapters discussing sacred geometry and Benedictine monasticism. It would be appreciated if people would read this copy only for reference, and if they wished to obtain a complete copy of the book, that they purchase it directly from, at:
This is an unrefereed publication with a print-on-demand publisher in German, VDM Verlag. They do not edit or submit the manuscripts they receive to scientific review. The book does not therefore have the same "weight" as a refereed scholarly publication, but publishing in this way offers me a good way of making my research and teaching notes on this subject available. As noted above, please do not print entire copies of this book, but rather purchase it from, at: