Gun Violence Problem is a Fear Violence Problem

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Fear breeds more fear. Guns mean more fear, not less. Is there a solution? Yes. Taking guns away from some people may help a little. The root of the Fear Problem is to find a root solution—that is, fearlessness. The rest of this essay will explain the connection of fearism and fearlessness, as one critical direction to go toward nonviolence. The author calls for a systematic analysis, individually and collectively, towards better and more deeply understanding the Fear Problem that plagues humanity. The study of fear and fearlessness ought to be essential and core in any curriculum of socialization and growth and development for citizens everywhere. Imagining a society based on fearlessness is a political act!
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post-traumatic, fearism, fear, fearlessness, Fear Problem, politics, culture of fear, gun violence, mass murders, school shootings
Fisher, R. M. (2019). Gun Violence Problem is a Fear Violence Problem. 1-10.