Artificial Intelligence, Algorithmic Writing & Educational Ethics

Paper presented at the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE) 2021 - Canadian Association for the Study of Educational Administration (CASEA) (June 1, 2021) The purpose of this paper is to provide a theoretical and conceptual discussion of the rapidly emerging field of artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithmic writing (AW). The continued development of new tools—most notably at this time, GPT-3—continues to push forward and against the boundaries between the writing of human and machine. As issues surrounding AI continue to be actively discussed by scientists, futurists and ethicists, educational leaders also find themselves front and centre of debates concerning, academic writing, academic integrity and educational ethics more broadly. Three points of focus provide the basis for this analysis. Firstly, we examine the impact of AW on student writing and academic integrity in schools. Secondly, we discuss similar issues in relation to publication and academic scholarship. Finally, taken together, we discuss the broader ethical dimensions and implications that AI and AW will, and are, quickly bringing into education and the field educational administration and leadership.
academic integrity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, algorithmic writing, authorship, composition, academic misconduct
Eaton, S.E., Mindzak, M., & Morrison, R. (2021, May 29 - June 3). Artificial Intelligence, Algorithmic Writing & Educational Ethics [Paper presentation]. Canadian Society for the Study of Education Société canadienne pour l'étude de l'éducation, Edmonton, AB, Canada.