Appropriate Education: Future Education as if the Human Being Matters

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The very first substantial book attempted, on the ideal vision for education in the 20th century, by the author was started and not finished. It began in the latter part of 1982 as his career as a gr. 5-8 classroom school teacher took a drastic turn and he retired suddenly, wishing to do other things in the field of Education with more impact on educational philosophy and policy. At the age of 30 (in 1982) he found a copy of Up From Eden: A Transpersonal View of Human Evolution (published in 1981) by an unknown author to him at the time, Ken Wilber. This changed his life and thinking forever. A radical evolutionary vision for a philosophy of education began to emerge in his year after retiring, of which this technical paper covers only the Table of Contents and a few selected pages from this hand-typed and cut and pasted original edition. It will give readers a flavour for the scope of the author’s work and offers potential ‘seeds’ for others who may want to read the full ms. of 171 pp. (albeit, incomplete, ending with Chapter 3). Many of the ideas, theories, critiques in this book are still valid to the author to this day.
text as original form and reprinted (in part) in 2020
appropriate education, theory of education, Ken Wilber, evolutionary theory, radical philosophy
Fisher, R. M. (2020). Appropriate Education: Future Education as if the Human Being Matters Research Institute, 101.