How the "Culture of Positivity" Debilitates Fear Studies

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The author explores the intersectionality of two forms of oppression that debilitate the ongoing growth and maturity of Fear Studies in general and the overall philosophy and theorizing about “fear itself.” The more common form is “culture of fear” and lots has been written about that. The one less talked about, and another “enemy” of Fearlessness, is the rapid growing “positivity culture” where it is reinforced in popular culture and even in parts of academia and professional practices, that “we should promote positive” thoughts, ideas, emotions, and not the negative. Fisher briefly explores this latter problem in fearwork and his own experiences, including the way positivity (also he calls “fear-positivism”) has debilitated the critical theory perspective of research and practices on “fear(ism).” He calls for all people to be extra aware and critical that there may be a downside to being overly positive and that such an attitude, becomes an ideology itself to prevent critical thought. We have a Fear Problem problem!
publisher's text version, In Search of Fearlessness Research Institute
fearwork, culture of fear, positivity, subcultures, populist, critical thought, positive thinking, fearlessness
Fisher, R. M. (2019). How the "Culture of Positivity" Debilitates Fear Studies. 1-11.