Adaptive Radiation Therapy in Head and Neck Cancer

Head and neck cancer is the sixth most common malignancy worldwide with 350 000 deaths reported annually (1). Radiotherapy is one of the most common treatment modalities for head and neck cancer patients. Although head and neck cancer (HNC) survival is steadily increasing, the close proximity of tumor volumes to organs at risk (OARs) makes radiotherapy planning and delivery challenging for these patients. We hypothesize it will not only further reduce the incidence of treatment-related toxicities and improve post-treatment quality of life of patients with cancer but also improve the allocation of essential clinical resources.
Artificial Intelligence, Head and Neck Cancer
Harjai, N. (2019). Adaptive Radiation Therapy in Head and Neck Cancer. Final report and reflection. Program for Undergraduate Research Experience (PURE), University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta. 1-7.